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Embrace: Night closed around Sylvian DuClair as ...

The boogeyman hath arrived.
...she stole from the solitary car parked on the deserted parish road. Ghostly shadows floated overhead. A breeze whispered through the pines, rippling the dark, indistinct foilage of the live oaks and the cypress giants surrounding her, then stilled, chilling her with its absence.

The bewitching hour captures Sylvian DuClair in its deadly embrace... Does she, can she, will she survive?

"Temple gives readers a love story that is set in the past and present and upon which the viability of the future depends.  Their adventures take them across time and space as these lovers fight a 3,000-year-old battle."
Larry D. Griffin, PhD., professor of English, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dyersburg Community College, Tennessee

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