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Fayre: In the days of light, a dragon came to Earth.

The glory of  the dragon could be seen in the hushed pink rising and the golden-red setting of the sun, in the silvery radiance of the moon sailing a clear midnight-blue sky amidst the twinkling of stars, and in

the translucent aquamarine waters of the deep.  This dragon had a singular purpose: guarding Earth.... He  is here still for those who can hear the almost silent song. I am among them. I am the chronicler, whose words are inscribed in the Scrolls of Dust. These pages have done little more than hint at the glory that is Fayre. I can do no more.  And I could not say farewell without mentioning the ethereal creature whose far-reaching song inspires a 20th century rock band and lends hope to Sylvian DuClair.

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