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the books from the Scrolls of Dust deal with the human condition and reflect a coming-of-age or rite-of-passage theme for the characters, whether they be 25 years old or 50. Much as those who
grew up in a dysfunctional family,such as Adult Children of Alcoholics,  must  face their past, each character has to make peace with his or her own demons. They are, above all, action-based stories of love and self-awareness.
Embrace the Boogeyman includes a glossary that elaborates on the symbolism found in the novel. New Orleans in the 20th century provides the setting for a story that also contains 7th century Vikings and a 14th-century (B.C.) shrine.The fast-paced books deal with serious issues in a light-hearted manner as the name of the press indicates. They all contain a laugh ... or two ... or more ... as the characters discover reality was not what they imagined at all.

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