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Moonlight cast ominous shadows across the graveled driveway. The white-washed walls rose to the sky. She knew the impression that they did so was an illusion created by her perspective from the stretcher. But the illusion was closer to a fact than the actual view would be. In the daylight, the trees appeared to be window dressing for a benevolent research center, a charitable institution with the stated goal of improving mankind. Neither was true. Wired with cameras and sound detectors, the trees and shrubbery provided a defense against those foolish enough to try to gain entry unannounced. Once inside the center, the walls might as well stretch to the sky because escape was impossible. She alone had accomplished the feat. Twice. The first time not long after arriving. She had already witnessed the depth of her keepers malevolence. Had she also not understood the depth of their financial and political prowess, her choices would have been different. She would have had no need to hurt another to protect what was so precious and dear. She would never escape again. For her, it was too late. She was dying and taking with her all her keepers had hoped to gain. The risk had been worth it. At least now her precious child was no longer imprisoned inside.

Available now: Annabella Darby is out of time in...

...author Georgia Temple's Bittersweet
A spiteful and malicious presence has invaded the land Annabella has  known since childhood. Evil, tangible, real, unseen, yet felt, descends upon Darby Ranch in the waning months of 1897, taking first her brother and then her father.
Now, it's her turn...
Her only hope lies in the future with Hale Knight, a drummer in a wildly popular rock band. He will travel across worlds to save her, yet his future lies in a past more ancient and dangerous than he can imagine.

Their story is inscribed in the Scrolls of Dust ...translation is ready.

Bittersweet: pleasure colored with regret.
In the plant world, a poisonous nightshade.

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